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    Wednesday, February 15, 2017   /   by Angel Santana

    Sarasota & Bradenton Most Expensive Homes Sold In January.

    With almost 900 homes sold in The Sarasota & Bradenton area for the month of January. I decided to see which homes were the most expensive on the market. To my surprise there were also a bunch in this category, so I decided to narrow it down to a list of 5. That way it'll be short and sweet and to the point.

    At Number 5:

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    A condo in La Bellasara located in downtown Sarasota. This bad boy right here was listed at $2.39 Million and it sold for $2.2 Million. So our number 5 o ...

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    Thursday, January 19, 2017   /   by Angel Santana

    Millennials more willing to buy those fixer-uppers

    Millennial first-time homeowners are showing more willingness than previous generations to complete do-it-yourself projects around the house or wait until they can afford to make the improvements they desire, a new survey by Better Homes & Gardens magazine finds. Fifty percent of those surveyed said that their current home required some degree of repair or remodeling at the time they moved in.

    Only 50 percent of first-time millennial homeowners say they are willing to spend top dollar to get exactly the features and quality they want in a home, the survey showed.

    "These first-time millennial homeowners are focused on building equity, not debt," says Jill Waage, editorial director of Digital Content and Products at Better Homes & Gardens. "They are strong believers in being able to afford their dreams as they achieve them and not over-stretch themselves."

    Eighty-five percent of first-time millennial homeowners say they view homeownership as a sound investment. ...

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    Tuesday, October 13, 2015   /   by Deidre DiTaranto

    Stage your House to SELL!

    For those of you who may not know... I stage homes all the time...especially in real estate....love to get those homes ready to sell!!! Providing innovative & creative assistance to your design needs! OR in this case Redesign, Stage and get it SOLD!

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